Wine of the Month – September 2017


Brought to you by:  Nico Gourdon

Region: Bordeaux, France

Price: $18


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So much has been said about the region of Bordeaux! It is so easy to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a single bottle of wine if they come from one of those prestigious Chateaux. I like to find great wines for a great prices, wines that you have the chance to drink more than once a year.

This month I would like to talk to you about  Cuvelier red from Bordeaux, produced by Henry Cuvelier.

Traditional vilification in stainless steel vats with temperature controlled system and regular pumping-over for a better extraction of tannins and color.Press wine and free-run wine are vinified separately until the final blending.

40% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Cabernet Franc.

This wine is made and owned by the Same Family that produce 2sd Grand Cru St Julien Bordeaux Chateau Leoville Poyferre , 100 PTS Wine Spec

Ruby colored, Cuvelier is fruity wine, well structured and balanced, round on the palate.

Cuvelier can enjoy young, but can also be kept up to 5 years.

I like to pair this wine with Beef or Venison.

To me this wine is perfect to share with friends and family at a dinner party.

Wine of the month is brought to you by Nico Gourdon Grand Sommelier and wine curator for several top restaurants on the westside!


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